UMaine Environmental Horticulture Club

Stephanie Burnett or


A perennial participant in the Bangor Garden Show, the University of Maine’s Environmental Horticulture students are poised to sow creative seeds at this year’s show.

Advised by Stephanie Burnett, the Garden Show is a yearly project allowing students to demonstrate design creativity while gaining hands-on experience from the preliminary plans to the installation of the last shrub. “Students work on garden design, collecting the plant material needed, and constructing the final exhibit itself,” Burnett said.

The design, she noted, also allows students to hone their landscaping techniques. The display will have a natural wall, a sustainable retention pond, and leaving trees commonly found in Maine backyards.

“[We want to] show your average gardener how to improve their own lawn without having to remove existing trees,” she said.

UMaine’s “Our Maine Life” can be summed up simply: It’s what your back yard could be. Visitors will notice annuals, perennials, and interesting landscaping techniques to pique interest and encourage flow.

“The back yard is being utilized as a space that is serene and beautiful as you take in the water feature as well as various evergreens and mainly native plants,” she said.