Cozy Acre Greenhouse

Cozy Acre Greenhouse

Jeff Marstaller

26 Cozy Acres Lane, North Yarmouth, ME 04097

Cozy Acre Greenhouse, located in North Yarmouth and owned by Jeff Marstaller, has been in business for 24 years. As a wholesaler supplier of annuals, vegetables and herbs to Maine garden centers and landscapers, this is Marstaller’s second trip to the Bangor Garden Show.

Their landscape exhibit will welcome visitors to the show to explore a Maine trail and garden.

“[We decided] to build a trail framed by bent twig fencing that [will] lead the gardener through shade loving plants finally arriving at a sunny gazebo made from Maine Dri Ki (driftwood) that is surrounded with lots of flower color,” Marstaller said. “Amongst the plants will be animals, created by a chainsaw-happy Maine artisan.”

The landscape exhibit, he said, reflects a whimsical approach that can be easily duplicated by gardeners and includes items easily obtained in Maine.